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photo by Phil Babot

photo by Phil Babot

PAVES (2010)
Poshya Kakl, Anne Bean, Vlasta Delimar, Efi Ben-David, Sinead O’Donnell

March 2009 - March 2010

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Reflecting on how intense, wider political context inevitably sculpts work, Anne Bean, who grew up in Zambia, invited artists from Ireland, Israel, Croatia and Kurdistan-Iraq to collaborate.

In the first instance, the artists spent a week in residence at Toynbee Studios in March 2009 making, showing and seeing work together. At the end of the week, they opened their studio to share thoughts, work and experiences.

Then, on 15th May 2009, the artists spent a day in each of their countries working together in time to create Crossing Zones.  For five hours, they simultaneously worked with the awareness of a shared conscious space. Frontiers, borders, demarcations, boundaries, barriers, bureaucracy, officialdom, laws, regulations and rules all became irrelevant to the fact that they were making a collaborative piece.

The second phase of the project took place in Zagreb and Staglinec, Croatia from 15th to 21st June and the third phase took place in Belfast and Cavan, Northern Ireland from 14th to 20th September. In December 2009, the artists travelled to Tel Aviv and, whilst there, visited Jordan to meet Poshya. The project culminated in a residency and performance commissioned by New Moves International for the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow in March 2010.

PAVES was a year long collaboration between the artists supported by the British Council’s Creative Collaboration programme  and Arts Council England. The overall aim of the Creative Collaborations programme is to enrich the cultural life of Europe and its surrounding countries and to build trust and understanding across communities by generating dialogue and debate.

Poshya was never permitted to travel for the project so she participated, mainly via Skype, from her home in Erbil, Kurdistan-Iraq. On a recent visit to Kurdistan, Anne collaborated with Poshya on They Are Talking To Us and I am Thirsty which also included the other PAVES artists.

The artists continue to collaborate and have set up a PAVES blog at The artists are taking part in an exhibition curated by Bob and Roberta Smith at the New Art Gallery Walsall in Spring 2011 entitled The Life of the Mind.

Documentation of the PAVES year has been edited into a 30 minute film by Anne Bean and Chris Bishop and is available from the Artsadmin shop at


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